Low Budget Trip to Amsterdam

The densely populated capital of Netherland is Amsterdam, famous for its artistic heritage, intricate canal system and small houses of gabled exterior from the golden age of 17th century. It is one of the most beautiful cities to travel.

The best things from this heritage structured city is not cheap and will cost heavy on your pocket. If you want to explore the city for free than the following places are for the explorer who want to enjoy the beauty of the city without costing high.

1.    Openbare Biblioteek

Have you ever heard of a library which is one of the biggest libraries in the world? If no, then pay a visit to openbare biblioteek where you can avail the facilities absolutely free. From millions of books, magazines, newspapers in different languages and movies are free in this library. What else a Bookworm want?

2.    Schuttersgalerij (Civic Guards Gallery) and Amsterdam city archives

Some part of the museum is free for the visitor throughout the year. It is one of the museums where you can explore the gallery which have modern and historical things. The basement of this museum is known as Amsterdam city archives which have the memorial archives.

3.    Gardens and parks

Free access to public gardens and park is one of the perks given by the government of Amsterdam. Best refreshing way to spend time with friends or family without spending a single penny. These parks are perfectly built to facilitate the visitors with proper walk paths, small lakes and most importantly a beautiful green view.

4.    Ferry ride

If you want to enjoy your evening in fresh water and beautiful view of nature than ferries are the best option to opt for. IJ river has several ferries floating across and giving a free ride. As Amsterdam is also called as the city of water, it is worth to witness the beautiful city from water.

5.    Churches and Cathedrals

Historical and gothic architectural churches are also the center of attraction. The entry to these cathedrals is completely free of cost. You can pay a visit, worship there or attend any ceremony or the services free of cost.

6.    Begijnhof

The most famous courtyard of the city is Begijnhof. If you are a single woman then you explore this place which has sculptures and a church for free. This courtyard was a home of a religious woman from the past who took an oath of chastity.